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Live music 8:00pm 40 yuan

TCG Nordica丨Lucia concert

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Scandinavian and Mongolian Christmas songs + KIA orchestra

Welcome to celebrate the Swedish Lucia at TCG Nordica!

Dec 14th 20:00

TCG Nordica Arts Center
3rd floor, mall no.1, 2nd avenue,
Rain Town, Rixin Road, Xishan district

In door ticket: ¥40
Buy in advance: ¥30
Children ticket (3-12 y): ¥20

Lucia is one of the most representative traditions in Sweden. In the darkest and longest winter night, people light up candles and sing traditional Lucia and Christmas songs to celebrate the festival.

The annual candlelit Lucia procession is perhaps one of the more exotic-looking Swedish customs, with girls and boys clad in white full-lengthy gowns singing songs together.

There used to be a competition for the role of Lucia – on national TV as well as on a local level in towns and schools all over the country. Local newspapers invited subscribers to vote for one or other of the candidates. On the day of Lucia, the organizer would announce the winner, and arrange vehicle - horse carriage would be the best - for her to tour in the town, to share light and music.

In general, Swedes avoid ranking people. The Lucia celebration used to be an exception, until it was deemed obsolete. Today, no national ‘Lucia of Sweden’ is elected and schools often let chance decide who’s to be Lucia, for example by organizing a draw.

We have invited KIA orchestra, together with the Scandinavian and Mongolian volunteers to present the traditional Swedish festival - Lucia.


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