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Live music 8:00pm 80 yuan

Miyazaki Anime Audiovisual Concert

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Performance Program

1. "Four Seasons" Spring (Vivaldi)
2. "City of the Sky" Accompanying you
3. "Spirited Away" The name of life
4. "Spirited Away" Restart
5. Morning (Grig)
6. "The Witch's Delivery Service" See the city of the sea
7. "The Witch's Delivery Service" Departure
8. "Hall's Moving Castle" The world's agreement

————————Intermission—————— ———

9. “Khanon” (Pach Bell)
10. “Princess Mononoke” Princess Mononoke
11. “The Song of Spring” (Mendellsson)
12. “My Neighbor Totoro” Neighbor Totoro
13. The Totoro Wind The Road
14. "Spring" (Jiu Shirang)
15. "The Valley of the Wind"
16. "view of the silence"

Tickets: 80-280 yuan

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