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Dining & Drinks 6:00pm 50 yuan

Curry Cook-Off


In order to add variety and interest to the Curry Nights, we’ve adapted the format to make it a cook-off contest with the title of Kunming Curry King/Queen going to the winner by popular vote. We have more than 14 chefs cooking their best curries for everyone at The Park on Saturday 17th November starting at 6pm.

亲爱的朋友们,为了增加咖喱之夜的多样和兴趣,我们改编了格式,使其成为一场烹饪比赛,昆明咖喱王/女王的头衔将通过大众投票获胜。11月17日星期六下午6点,我们有十四名厨师为The Park的每个人烹饪最好的咖喱。

Some of the dishes on offer 部分菜肴:

• chicken vindaloo 超辣果阿咖喱
• butter chicken 奶油咖哩雞
• various mixed veg curries 各种混合蔬菜咖喱
• beef biryani 牛肉布瑞雅尼
• Indonesian curry 印尼咖喱
• chana masala (chickpea curry) 鹰嘴豆咖喱
• rupchanda masala (fish curry) 鱼咖喱
• eggplant masala 茄子马萨拉
• beef daal 牛肉脉冲
• bbq chicken 烧烤鸡肉
• mint chatni 薄荷酸辣酱

As always, the price is 50 kuai all-you-can-eat. 一如既往,价格是50块,你可以吃。

See you then! 回头见!

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