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Dining & Drinks 6:00pm 50 yuan

Curry Night!


Curry Night this Saturday!

50元 all-you-can-eat buffet and every penny goes to the ongoing development of the club


Menu 菜单

Chicken Curry — A rich and spicy curry sauce made with chicken thighs, which adds a lot more flavour to a curry than chicken breast.

鸡肉咖喱 - 用鸡腿制成的浓郁而辛辣的咖喱酱,比鸡胸肉更能展现出咖喱的风味。

Lamb Curry — We put two legs of tender and juicy lamb in this one and it’s a crowd favourite that can go quickly.

羊肉咖喱 - 我们在这一款菜中放了两条鲜嫩多汁的羊肉,这是人们的最爱,会很快被人们吃完。

Spinach & Potato Curry — Very similar to a daal, i.e. soupy and wholesome comfort food.

菠菜和土豆咖喱 - 天然,即甜味和有益健康的舒适食品。

Pakoras — Another vegetable option. We cook these fritters using pea flour, the coarseness of which makes all the difference to the consistency of the batter.

油炸蔬菜饼 - 另一种蔬菜选择。我们用豌豆粉烹制这些油条,其粗糙度与面糊的有所不同。

Mint, Coriander, Green Chilli and Lemon Chutney — An authentic and tangy green chutney which goes great with the meats and bread.

薄荷,香菜,青辣椒和柠檬酸辣酱 - 一种正宗,味道浓郁的绿色酸辣酱,与肉类和面包搭配得很好。

We also have naan breads and salad as well as pink custard and fruit on offer.


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