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Nightlife 7:00pm

Back to School with the Tigers


The end of the summer holidays is near and most students will soon be heading back to school. It may not matter much to those who worked the whole summer, but one thing everyone will agree on is: AIN'T NOTHING LIKE A GOOD PARTY TO FORGET ABOUT THE TOUGH TIMES TO COME (at least for one night)!

September is also the beginning of China's amateur rugby season. Kunming men's and women's teams, the Flying & Crouching Tigers are recruiting new players, and they'll be here to show you how rugby party! If you're not careful they might even get you to join the team! As a reminder, there are no skill level requirement to join the team, only enthusiasm level requirements! Most of our active players only learned rugby here in Kunming. Learn more about the team here, or join them for a fun recruitment day of training and games! Scan the QR code below to add club chairman TeddyB for more details.


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