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Live music 8:00pm 30 yuan

The Golden Trio


In the early spring when Kunming warms up.The three energetic Scandinavian students will brings traditional folk music from Denmark and Norway to Kunming's audience at 8pm on March 24th in TCG Nordica Cultural Center. The classic tracks will be mixed with modern rhythms. In their music interpretations, we can see their passion for the misic, You will feel their energy and personalities during the concert.

The concert will bring you 60 minutes of music experience, including 13 various expressions of different style music songs. The three students who is from Sweden, Denmark and Norway will endeavor to interpret through their sincere and enthusiastic personalities. And bring you different audiovisual experiences.

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TCG Nordica (new location) • Runcheng Di Er Dadao, 3rd Floor, Mall 1 (Rixin Lu and Qianxing Lu intersection)