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Qigong Course


Life Nourishing Methods and Qigong Course:
This course will be based on the Qigong and Life nourishing methods from ancient Taoist system Wujiquan. We will cover Six Healing Sounds and Eight Pieces of Brocade. Health cannot be separated from the cultivation of one’s heart; the fast rhythm of modern life caused many people to lose connection with their bodies, their souls and nature. If you would like to harmonize Yin and Yang in your body, balance the 5 elements in your internal organs and connect body, mind, spirit, then you can consider taking this course. During this one day course, you will learn 2 qigong sets that will help you clean your internal organs, strengthen you ligaments, explore how your body works, calm down your mind and heart and regain the connection with your body.

In his previous work, Marian had to deal with a lot of stress on daily basis. Thanks to continuous practice of these methods he was able to preserve good health and mental state during that time. Marian’s father a western medicine surgeon, so as many of his students from different countries of the world, has regained his health back through the practices of these methods.

Six Healing Sounds belongs to so called life nourishing methods. This exercise is based on the knowledge that every internal organ has its unique vibration and by tuning into the right vibration through sound we can make the organ stronger and healthier. This method is also based on the circle of mutual production of 5 elements, which is Metal (Lungs), Water (Kidneys), Wood (Liver), Fire (Heart), Earth (Spleen), the 6th sound is for the Triple burner meridian, which connects solid and hollow organs. Through continuous practice, you will be able to tune in your internal organs, get rid of toxins stored inside, and transform negative emotion stored in organs into positive emotions. For example sadness and depression stored in lungs can be transformed into courage.

Eight Pieces of Brocade consists of 8 simple, easy to remember movements. This set belongs to ancient life nourishing methods. During the practice Yin and Yang are following each other, you root deep into the Earth, while coordinating your breath with the movement. The use of so called immortal breathing method, will enhance the blood circulation, balance the nervous system and massage the internal organs. Through long term practice you will learn how to move your spine, open your joints, open and connect the energy channels and reconnect with your body and with nature.


- No limits or Supreme Unity style

Wuji refers to the state before Big Bang, when everything was One. It is an ancient Internal martial art system. If we want to trace its origin, we must begin with the Book of Changes (Yijing, Zhou Yi). Yijing describes actions in nature and laws of these actions. Yijing has been compiled during many generations; its essence is the observation of phenomenons that are happening in human body (micro cosmos) and in our surroundings (macro cosmos). All of these phenomenons follow certain laws, which can be discovered by mindful and aware observation. In this process it is essential to get to know our own body, get to understand it, make it strong and healthy. Wujiquan is based precisely on these principles, which are healing our body and prolonging our life, building our body, strengthening it and also learning how to defend it if necessary. Wujiquan is one of the five Taoist arts that were thought only in family or in monastery.

In Wujiquan, Wude (Martial virtues), are the most important part. They are: "Respect", "Tolerance", "Compassion", "Righteousness", "Goodness”, “Elimination"(of one’s bad habits).

In Wujiquan there are empty hand forms, weapon forms (short stick, broadsword, sword …) push hands (wrestling in Internal martial arts), sanshou (free fight), neigong (internal work), pressure points techniques, life nourishing exercise, etc. Great emphasis is put on push hands, which is the basic for the free fight. Long term practice of Wujiquan has positive effects on one’s health. It can prevent and control high/low blood pressure, diabetes, different kinds of stomach and intestines problems, problems with joints and spine… Wujiquan is suitable for all ages and genders.

Something about me:

My name is Marian I was born in Slovakia, studied different martial arts, like karate, nhat nam since 10 years old. In 2003 I started to practice Chinese Wushu, mainly shaolin styles, pi gua and Chinese wrestling. In 2009 I became a closed door disciple of Master Yu Qingdi and 8th generation successor of Taoist martial art Wujiquan. In 2012, after I finished my 5 year studies at Liaoning Normal University in Dalian, in order to spread traditional Chinese culture and martial arts I returned back to Slovakia and founded Wujiquan European Center of Chinese Culture and Martia Arts. 2014 -2015 I was elected as Secretary General of Slovak Wushu Association. In 2015 I was one of the co-founders of Slovak first Wujiquan wushu guan (place build especially for training and performing martial arts). Under the supervision and help of my Master Yu Qingdi I co-organized two Wujiquan and traditional martial arts summer camps, and 1st. Slovak International Wushu Festival. I helped to establish first Chinese-Slovak bilingual High School in Slovakia and first Traditional Chinese Medicine Confucius Classroom at Slovak Medical University. I assisted with establishing twin city cooperation between Shenyang and Banska Bystrica.

In 2012 as a member of Slovak National Wushu Team I participated in 5th World Traditional Wushu Championship in Huangshan China and gained bronze medal. In 2013 I was Slovak national champion in full contact fighting Sanda and push hands.

I hold 6 degree (duan) in Chinese martial arts (under Chinese Wushu Association). I'm currently teaching Wujiquan in Beijing.

Time: January 27th ; 10:00-16:00 (we will prepare dumplings together for lunch)

Location: Kunming Jinbilu 11, Jinbiluyuan Building E room 302

Price: 300 RMB

Marian- Wechat: Breznan
Email: marianlassak@163.com

Phone: 15010696821

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