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Live music Aug 18 – Aug 19 Free entry

Chillout Weekend 安宁周末


The grey, cloudy sky is clearing as the rainy season comes to an end! To kick off the season of outdoor parties at Spirit Tribe, we invite you over on the weekend of August 18.-19. for a Chillout weekend! Outdoor cinema, bonfire and drinks on Friday night starting at 6 PM and Chillout music and BBQ all day on Saturday! Bring your bathing suits and spend the weekend in chilled out bliss by our beautiful lake!
Free entry, stay at our dormitory or go out to camp in our valley! Food and drinks are provided by our bar and kitchen all weekend long.

Outdoor cinema ॐ 户外电影院

Starting on Friday 8pm, we'll get out our projector, put up our screen by the lakeside and start the weekend with a breathtaking documentary and a fascinating journey into the oceans that make up the biggest part of our planet - Jaques Perrine's Oceans!

The second pick of the week is this year's Okja, a powerful tale about Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend - a fascinating animal named Okja. Contestant and Jury's pick at this year's Cannes Film Festival, this wonderful movie guarantees a spellbinding Friday night.

After the movies, we'll relax around the bonfire under the star-spangled Yunnan nightsky.

Chillout Saturday ॐ 放松
Saturday starts off with our 50 RMB all you can eat Barbecue! Juicy meats and crispy vegetables straight from the grill, with our homemade salads as a side! Grab a cold drink and find a cozy spot by the lake to reconnect with nature! In the afternoon - maybe after a quick dip in the lake - our DJs will put on slow Chillout grooves, playing until last night! Relax your mind, let your spirit soar as we take you on a chillout journey through our picturesque valley!

Chakra Palace
Karma Farmer

Niubi Van

Food and drinks ॐ 饮食

We boast a full bar, from basic and affordable products to imported, high-quality liquors! Besides the mouthwatering BBQ on Saturday, hearty meals are provided by our kitchen crew all weekend around! Of course, we offer vegetarian and vegan options, so all tastes will be catered to for reasonable prices!

Details ॐ 价格

外面电影院 周五8月18号
Outdoor Cinema Friday Aug 18.
starting 6PM

安宁音乐和烧烤 周六8月19号

Chillout and BBQ Saturday Aug 19.

灵族, 光崀小村, 太平, 安宁, 云南

Spirit Tribe, Guanglang Little Village,
Taiping, Anning, Yunnan
Contact us for pickup in Kunming or Taiping Xiaojie!


DORM BED 80RMB/night

宿舍 80元/晚


户外设备租费 50元/晚

Spirit Tribe的场地不仅仅意味着自然,同时也是我们的家。在享受的同时请不要忘记尊重和保护。为此,请前来的朋友们认真阅读以下条款。
1. 昆明气候干燥,任何含有火灾隐患的物品都不允许带入。禁止携带烧烤工具、木炭、石油等此类物品。玻璃瓶容易引起火灾,同时也属于危险品,禁止携为了确保这一点我们会在入口处进行相关检查,请谅解。
2. 禁止携带一切违法物品入场。
3. 请勿自带酒水和食品。
4. 本次活动严格遵循中国法律,任何在活动现场的违法行为都将被制止,请大家互相监督。
5. 我们希望建造一个积极、平等、富有创造力的空间,请尊重你周围的人,不欢迎任何过激、暴力行为!
6. 请在指定帐篷区域露营。
7. 我们会免费提供垃圾袋,请及时清理身边的垃圾。

The land Spirit Tribe is on is not only an area of breath taking natural beauty, but also our home. As well as having an amazing time please respect the nature, environment and our home. There are a few conditions that everyone attending Spirit Tribe needs to adhere to.

Absolutely under no circumstances are any fires of any kind allowed. The event will be held during the dry season and forest fires are a very real danger. This also means that no BBQs, charcoal, petroleum, firelighters, gas, electric stoves or cooking apparatus of any kind are allowed on the site. Neither are glass bottles as they also are a fire hazard. We have to make sure of this, so please understand that searches will be carried out.

No illegal substances may be brought onto the Site.

No outside food or drinks can be brought in.

Attendees agree to abide by all of the laws of The People’s Republic of China. Anyone found to be doing anything illegal will be reported to the authorities

Aggressive and violent behaviour is totally against everything we stand for. Please respect all your fellow tribes people and help to create a positive space full of creativity, freedom and exchange

Camping is in marked areas only

Please help us to look after the environment by taking care of your rubbish we will supply you with rubbish bags, keep our home clean.

Spirit Tribe

130 0192 8216 (CN)
131 1424 9382 (CN/EN)

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