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Nightlife 9:00pm 40 yuan

Papa U-Gee (Japan)


Papa U-Gee is one of the most respected reggae artists from Japan.

He has more been performing Roots, Reggae, Dancehall and Dub for over 25 years, and is a prominent artist on the reggae scene in Japan, as well as having been a key figure in building the Japanese reggae scene and making it the most developed reggae scene to this day in Asia.

Blood Dunza
香港聲音系统翹楚 "HEAVY HONG KONG"首腦

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Moving mountains and breaking grounds, we’re bout to embark on the Zion Train with PAPA U-Gee going through the hills of China. Very blessed to make this tour possible. Big Ups to DaBo, LaoHei and JiangLiang for making this happen!

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14 April 2015 Tuesday
PAPA U-Gee with Selecta Blood Dunza + Raddam Ras (Section 6, PEK)

17 April 2015 Friday
MENGLIAN / Menglian International Music & Culture Day
PAPA U-Gee with Selecta Blood Dunza + Lao Hei and Hong Mao Shu (老黑+红毛树)

19 April 2015 Sunday
GUILIN / CatRabbit Bar
PAPA U-Gee with Selecta Blood Dunza + Jiang Liang Soundsystem (蒋亮的声音系统)

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Mikay Bar • F-301 Xintiandi (on the walking street opposite gate 3 of the Kunming University of Science and Technology, Chenggong Campus)