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Activity 6:00pm 40 yuan

Raising Hope — A Charity Evening


18:00 : Start of the event
18:30 : Photo exhibition opening
19:30 : Presentation from Josiah´s Covenant
20:00 Concert by Lisa Eriksson and musicians

This is a charity event including a photo exhibition and a concert by Swedish and Chinese artists to support the organization Josiah´s Covenant. The organization will receive all profit from the entrance fee and money raised by donations, to support their work in helping young orphan women, who are in need of a family, an education and love.

Every year in China, teenage girls who grow too old to stay in the orphanages are left out on the streets, facing trafficking, drug-addiction and loneliness. Together we can help these girls to a brighter future where they will know love, have a place to live, get a sense of family and be provided education. This is what the organization Josiah's Covenant wants to work for, and with this fundraiser we can see these dreams becoming reality.

At this event west meets east and we invite people to work together for a greater cause through art-forms such as music and photography. We want to gather people to reflect on what you can do for others and through this get involved in this charity's Nobel cause.

From Josiah’s Covenant there will be a speaker, talking about their work concerning young orphan women in china and their vision about helping them.

There will be a photo exhibition by two Swedish women photographers, one part will be about portraying life in China and the other part will show the act of giving and receiving.

Later in the evening there will be a concert by Lisa Eriksson where she will perform self written songs in collaboration with Swedish and Chinese musicians. Her music is inspired by classical, pop and folk-music and it’s played on both western and Chinese instruments. On stage you will see Sophia Zhang, Daniel Zhou, Jin Xiaoyun, John Carlbäck, Stephanie Macmullin, Lina Pohl and Lisa Eriksson performing.

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