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Activity Nov 14 – Nov 17

National Sailing Competition


Take part in the first national sailing event ever to be held on Fuxian Lake!

Co-organized by the Yuxi government, the event hopes to increase awareness of sailing and develop interest from young people.

Reportedly there will be actual sailboat races using Far East keelboats as well as competitive and non-competitive events targeting sailing engagement for 6-14 year olds, based on the internationally acclaimed 'Optimist' craft. No experience necessary.

Races will be linear, set course, and long distance / endurance categories.

Fuxian Lake is China's largest freshwater lake by volume, being over 155m deep at its deepest point. Its perennial winds and excellent temperature make it perfect for sailing.

Note that the venue is somewhere around Haikou (Huaning county, or the east-south-east of the lake).

More info at the chinese language announcement or get in touch with Walter who lives down there and has boats to sail and for sale.

To get down here, get the metro to the southern bus station / Luosiwan, then bus to Chengjiang (19元/1.5hrs), then change buses to Haikou.

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Fuxian Lake • Chengjiang, Jiangchuan and Huaning County