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Kundu stabbing leaves Thai student dead

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A 21-year-old Thai student died early Monday morning after being stabbed during an altercation outside the popular club Soho in the Kundu Night Market, according to local media reports.

Police from the nearby Xincun police station reportedly showed up at the scene of the fight around 2:30 am on Monday, where they managed to arrest the suspected stabber, who is currently in police custody. The Thai man, whose identity has not been made public, was pronounced dead shortly afterward at the First Affiliated Hospital of the Kunming Medical Institute.

According to a police report released yesterday, the Thai student was drinking at Soho with more than ten foreign classmates and got into an argument with people at a neighboring table that escalated until club staff attempted to calm matters.

The two parties reportedly stepped out of the bar, and a fight began. In the course of the fight, the suspect, a Sichuanese man surnamed Lin, fatally stabbed the Thai student. Police have stated that they are taking the case very seriously and are organizing a special investigative unit.

As GoKunming user piers notes in a related forum thread, violence of this kind is not new to Kunming's club scene:

3 months ago a man was stabbed outside Top One. Last year a man lost his arm after being attacked with a machete outside Cobra. Haoledi KTV near the Hump had a fatal fight 2 years ago and the original Babi closed after 2 people including 1 bouncer died in a massive fight between Babi security (who were famously prone to beating up customers) and a group of WuJing (who are famous for beating up anybody they don't like)

All of the above incidents resulted in closure of the venues except Top One as the fight was not linked to the bar. All have since re-opened though Cobra has moved and changed its name.

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