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Kunming explorer not "kidnapped by terrorists"
Hours after Kunming newspapers went to print with the news that local resident and domestically famous explorer Jin Feibao (金飞豹) may have been "kidnapped by terrorists" in the Sahara near the border of Algeria and Mali, Jin made telephone contact with his wife Li Jia (李佳) at 1:00 this morning.

Li said Jin and his travel partner geologist Fei Xuan (费宣) were safe and in good shape. Jin and Fei are in the middle of an 80-day expedition across the Sahara Desert.

Prior to this morning's phone call, Jin's Kunming support team had not heard from the travelers for three days. Before the break in communication the two had been in daily contact with Jin's strategic planning company via portable satellite communication equipment.

West Kunming's Majie to get makeover
On Monday Kunming's Xishan district government officially launched the Majie New Town Project, which will convert the Majie area around Chunyu Lu into a base for commodity trade with Southeast Asian markets.

Over the next three to five years the Majie area will be converted into Kunming's western business and transport hub. Total investment in the project is expected to reach 10 billion yuan (US$1.46 billion) part of which will be spent on construction of high-grade office and commercial space.

Bank of China grants loan for Dianchi cleanup
The Yunnan branch of the Bank of China has extended a 4 billion yuan loan to Kunming Dianchi Lake Investment Company for lake and wetland cleanup projects that are scheduled for completion next year.

According to a ChinaCSR report, the loan will be used to divert polluted lake water to the Yunihe, Baiyuhe, Kunyang and Haikou wastewater treatment plants. Four rain water processing plants and a condensate pump station will also be constructed.

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