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Yunfest now accepting documentary submissions

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Attention budding documentarians: Yunfest, a biennial documentary festival and forum held right here in Kunming, is accepting entries for Yunfest 2007. Next year's Yunfest is scheduled for April 6-12, documentaries from Chinese and non-Chinese are equally welcome.

GoKunming attended Yunfest in 2005 and was pleasantly surprised by the organization and dedication behind the event. Of the 100 or so documentaries shown, many were from around Yunnan plus a good number were made by filmmakers from around the country. International documentarians Tsuchimoto Noriaki and Carma Hinton showed their films and hosted question-and-answer sessions with audiences.

We can hardly wait to take a few days off work and theater-hop for four days. To find out more about what Yunfest was like last time around, read this article we wrote for a US newspaper in 2005.

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