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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Yunfest 2009's final day at Yunnan provincial library
Today is the final day of the 2009 edition of the Yunfest documentary festival at the Yunnan Provincial Library. For more information about today's films, check the Yunfest schedule. A closing party for the weeklong festival will also be held at the library from 8-11 pm. Entry to Yunfest is free.

Friday: IMART at TCG Nordica
From 11:30 am to 10 pm today and Saturday, TCG Nordica will host IMART, the third installment of the Kunming Loft Creative Fair. IMART is an annual bazaar featuring original art, design, handicrafts and unique gift ideas for sale by the people who made them. Entry is free.

Friday: Steak Night at Lazy Bones
The Think UK location of Lazy Bones will be hosting its first steak night tonight, with 400 gram imported steaks cooked to your specifications plus mashed potatoes, mushrooms and vegetables. Food will be served from 5-11 pm, dinner costs 65 yuan.

Friday: Exhibition opening at Yunart Gallery
Tonight at 8:00 Yunart Gallery will host the opening of its newest exhibition '79 Echo', which will feature oil paintings by local artists Li Fan (李凡), Liu Deng (刘邓), Yan Renkui (严仁奎), Yan Linxiao (严琳骁) and Xiao Xulin (肖旭琳).

Friday: DJ Siku at Uprock
DJ Siku will be playing a 'Drum & Base' party tonight at Uprock featuring progressive breakbeats and more. Music begins at 10:00 entry is 10 yuan.

Saturday: Tribal Moons & Show Me at The Hump Bar
Kunming-based bands Tribal Moons and Show Me will be playing a 'Rock for Health' benefit Saturday night at The Hump Bar to support the fight against AIDS/HIV and malaria in Yunnan. There will be free food and beer from 7:30 to 8:30 plus games and prizes. Music starts at 9:30, entry is free.

Saturday: Sunset barbecue at Uprock
Uprock will be hosting a sunset barbecue on its rooftop terrace Saturday night featuring music by DJs Ice and DD. Bottles of Dali beer will be on special for 8 yuan, barbecue is 30 yuan/person.

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