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Friday & Saturday: Live Jazz at Moonlight Corner
Tonight the new Green Lake location of Thai restaurant and bar Moonlight Corner will host the first performance of their weekend jazz band – Kunming Social Club. Featuring a local rhythm section, British keyboardist and Italian singer, Kunming Social Club will play Moonlight Corner's Green Lake location every Friday and Saturday night from 9:30 to 11:30 – entry is free. Unlike Moonlight Corner's Expo Garden location, the new Green Lake restaurant also features a fully stocked bar that stays open nightly until 2 am.

Friday: Chuck Eddy at the Silver Spoon Café
Guitarist Chuck Eddy will play an early show at The Silver Spoon Café tonight. Music begins at 6:30 and entry is free.

Friday: Electronica at Uprock
DJs Shonny, Martin and Ecko will be playing electronic sets all night at Uprock tonight, and the bar will have a happy hour (literally) from 9:00 to 10:00. Entry is free

Saturday: Ladies night at Uprock
Saturday night is 'Ladies night' at Uprock, with five different kinds of cocktails free for all women from 10:00 to midnight. Music will be provided by DJ Shonny, entry is free.

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