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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: DJ Showcase at Mix Club
Tonight Mix Club in Kundu will host four of Kunming's hardest working DJs and will be giving away free beer from 9:30 to 11:30. DJs Kris, Martin, Shonny and Christian are scheduled to provide musical entertainment at Mix, which is located on the south end of the Kundu compound, near the Guofang Lu entrance. Don't be surprised if the bar is busy – it will be offering cocktails (gin/rum/vodka/whiskey + mixer) all night for 15 yuan.

Saturday: Dance performance at TCG Nordica
TCG Nordica will be hosting a dance performance featuring Chinese and American dancers and covering different genres including hiphop, jazz, modern and traditional. The performance begins at 8:00, entry is 10 yuan.

Saturday: Matu's Birthday Party at The Hump Bar
Local musician and man-about-town Matu will be celebrating his birthday at The Hump Bar on Saturday night, playing with his mates in the Tribal Moons and DJing with fellow Moonster DJ Make afterward. Festivities kick off at ten, entry is free.

Editor's note: Due to a mistake on the flyer for tonight's Mix Club party, this post originally stated that cocktails were "all-you-can-drink for 15 yuan". We have been contacted by the organizer, who regrets any misunderstanding he may have caused among GoKunming readers.

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