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Xishuangbanna tours suspended due to bus driver attacks

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Attacks on non-local tour buses by angry tour bus drivers in Jinghong in southern Yunnan have resulted in some Chinese travel agencies suspending tour services to the popular travel destination, according to Chinese media reports.

Some tour bus drivers have turned violent in response to the government's decision to break the monopoly held by local tour bus operators over Xishuangbanna prefecture. Shanghai Daily reports:

On October 12, more than 50 enraged drivers attacked two buses from Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, when they arrived at local parks, abusing the drivers and hitting the buses with sticks. With the buses severely damaged, the 65 tourists aboard had to take locally operated coaches to return home. Police apprehended some of the attackers.

The next day a bus packed with Thailand tourists was attacked in a primeval forest park...

Last Friday local bus drivers reportedly staged a sit-in protest in front of government offices in Jinghong, the prefecture's capital.

Some tour operators in Shanghai such as Spring International Travel service and Jinjiang International Travel have suspended tour group services, while government owned China Youth Travel Service says the attacks were "isolated" and that it will continue to send tourists to Xishuangbanna.

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