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Kunming to build China's 4th-largest Airport

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The long-discussed new international airport in Kunming will be China's fourth-largest airport hub, according to an official from the Kunming Airport Economic Zone Management Committee cited by China Hospitality News.

The new airport will be located 21 km northeast of Kunming, making it more accessible to citizens of Qujing - Yunnan's second largest city - than Kunming Wujiaba Airport, which is located south of downtown Kunming.

The new airport's construction will be accompanied by road network infrastructure improvements enabling anyone living within a 200-kilometer radius to reach the airport within two hours. A 160-square kilometer Airport Economic Zone will also be built adjacent to the airport.

It seems that Kunming is looking to bring in the foreign expertise it needs to build an airport that will help it make the quantum leap from up-and-coming provincial capital to regional trade and transport hub. It has awarded UK-based design and engineering consultancy Arup the airport's design contract. Moreover, German company Fraport - which owns Frankfurt Airport - has been reported to be in talks to buy a stake in the US$1.9 billion airport project.

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"with a construction area of 21 square kilometers", it says on China Hospitality News. Where is the mistake?

The China Hospitality News site is referring to the Airport Economic Zone.

ok chris, so where did read about the distance of the airport from kunming? 21 km sounds reasonable, just wanna make sure where it willl be.
I don't think they refer to the airport eco zone:
"an Airport Economic Zone that covers about 160 square kilometers will also be built." that's what i read there...

You are correct: 21 km to the airport and 160 square km Airport Economic Zone. Sorry, my last post was unclear.

Great to see how things come to fruition.

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