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GoKunming receives second Danwei Model Worker award

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GoKunming is pleased to announce that we have received the highest award in the Chinese blogosphere – the Danwei Model Worker Award - for the second year running.

597Danwei.org#http://www.danwei.org/# for Chinese- and English-language blogs based in China. GoKunming was named a model worker in the English-language Regional Blog category.

The selection process, according to Danwei, is quite simple:

"The winners are chosen by Danwei's Central Committee; no voting or democracy of any kind is involved."

GoKunming thanks Danwei's Central Committee for promoting a harmonious society and bestowing this prestigious award upon us.

We also wish to thank our readers who provide us with invaluable feedback and encouragement, and our advertisers, who provide us with invaluable cash.

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Congratulations to all the gokunming team for your winning of the Danwei award.
We know how hard you all work, and appreciate all the interesting articles, great writing and design.
Thanks again
Aussie and Yankie

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