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Tiger Fishing

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Man and nature walking hand in hand into the 21st Century
Man and nature walking hand in hand into the 21st Century

A recent trip to the Yunnan Wild Animals Zoo (云南野生动物园), revealed a new pastime... 'fishing' for tigers, lions, bears and wolves.

At the 'zoo', 10 yuan rents a bamboo fishing pole with a slab of meat dangling from the end that is supposed to be lowered into the animal area below, where hungry animals await.

Maybe I'll wait for a chicken
Maybe I'll wait for a chicken
Visitors to the park can scrap the pole idea and pay 30-50 yuan for a live chicken - price correlates to the size of the bird - which can then be tossed to the hungry animals from a viewing platform above. Kids seem to like this one.

To get to the zoo by bus, take the number 10 bus from Xiao Xi Men (小西门) or Jianshe Lu (建设路) to the terminus.

The park is open daily from 9:00am to 4:30pm and the entrance fee is 35 yuan or 25 yuan for students with valid identification cards. For taxi directions or other information, call Yunnan Wild Animals Zoo at (0871) 501 7777.

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