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Earthquake benefit show this Sunday

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With more than 20 million people affected by Monday's Wenchuan earthquake, an official death count of 15,000 and 40,000 still missing, the next few days are likely to see a jump in the number of dead. As the focus of relief efforts shifts from saving lives to clearing rubble and rebuilding what once were towns and cities, the economic toll of the quake is expected to be massive.

With Kunming's proximity to Sichuan and its large Sichuanese population, there are many local residents concerned about how to help their neighbors to the north. Earlier this week we posted information on how to contribute to the Chinese Red Cross - also this Sunday night Speakeasy Bar and GoKunming are co-organizing a night of music to benefit the Red Cross' efforts in Sichuan.

Beginning at 8:30 pm, the earthquake benefit show at Speakeasy Bar will feature a diverse sampling of Kunming's local music scene, including Co Op Sol, Zhu Xiaolong, JP, Li Fan, People's Rhythm, Synthatron and DJ Kris, with more acts likely to be added in the next couple of days. Admission to the show is a 20 yuan donation, which includes a complimentary bottle of Yanjing Beer.

All takings at the door – plus 30 percent of the takings at the bar – will be donated to the Red Cross, which has agreed to send a representative to the show. Additional donations are also welcome.

GoKunming thanks Speakeasy Bar and all the performers donating their time and talents to this worthy cause.

Update: Nevada Lundemo has been added to the evening's lineup

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