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This weekend around Kunming

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Friday & Saturday: KIA spring drama at TC/G Nordica
TC/G Nordica will host Kunming International Academy's spring drama today and tomorrow. The play, 'The Patchwork Girl of Oz' starts at 7:00 both evenings – a donation of 20 yuan/person is suggested.

Friday: English movie and discussion at Chicago Coffee
Chicago Coffee will host its weekly English movie and discussion at 7pm. Admission is free with any purchase – call 5389288 for movie details.

Friday: Vodka bar opening w/DJ Liu Yan
Speakeasy Bar is celebrating the opening of its new Tropicana vodka shot bar upstairs with a party featuring DJ Liu Yan and the People's Rhythm Percussion.

Saturday: Jezz & Menace at Uprock
On Saturday night DJs Jezz and Menace will bring another of their 'Innocence' series of parties to Uprock. Joining them will be DJ Jeffery the Wind. Music starts at ten, admission is free.

Saturday: Polish party at The Hump Bar
The Hump Bar will be hosting a Polish party on Saturday night, with the party's organizers encouraging all to "dress like a Polish person". According to a flyer for the party, there will be Polish music, vodka and juice, mad dog shots, real Polish culture and Polish girls. The fun starts at 10:00, admission is free.

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