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A trip to Pisa Pizza last Tuesday led to the discovery of what may be the only Ladies Night promotion in Kunming. All women who stop by on Tuesday nights after 8:30 get a free cup of coffee and a 'mini pizza' that is essentially a cracker with a piece of pepperoni, some cheese and pizza sauce on top. Wine is also two-for-one for ladies.

A modest promotion to be sure, but nonetheless it's good to see a locally-owned business trying to be creative in promoting itself. In addition to Tuesday ladies nights, Pisa Pizza has what may be Kunming's cheapest beer specials on the 20th of each month, with 4 yuan Tsingtao, Dali and Lancang Jiang; 9 yuan big Budweisers and big Heinekens for 12 yuan.

Pisa Pizza
22 Wenlin Jie, 1-2
(0871) 534 1359

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