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This weekend around Kunming

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With the three-day Qing Ming holiday this weekend, many people will be out of town sweeping graves or just taking a break from the city. For those of us sticking around town, there are a few events to check out:

Friday: JP and DJ Moon Unit at the Hump

Singer/guitarist JP will be playing 9:30 at The Hump Bar at Jinma Biji Fang tonight, followed by DJ Moon Unit who will play late into the night. Admission is free.

Saturday: Liu2 at Halfway House
Halfway House will host oddball singer/songwriter Liu2 (2) on Saturday night. The 9:00 show is likely to be Liu2's last in Yunnan for a while as he wraps up his tour of Yunnan. Admission for the show is 15 yuan.

Saturday: Uprock All-Stars party
On Saturday night, Uprock will put on its second 'All-Stars' party featuring DJs Shonny, Christian, Liu Yan, Echoo, Tantrum and Jezz. There will also be beer and vodka specials for the free evening of music, which starts at 10.

For more info about upcoming events around Kunming this month, check out GoKunming's events calendar.

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