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Kunming Indie Label Showcase next week

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Kunming Lo-fi: Ma Li of Strange Day
Kunming Lo-fi: Ma Li of Strange Day

Kunming indie label Voiceweekly is throwing a showcase party at a new bar on Dongfeng Xi Lu called "Halfway House" (or 半山咖啡 in Chinese), which is a strangely appropriate name for a bar in Kunming.

Voiceweekly acts MOTT, One Way, moci, People's Funk, Zhu Xiaolong, Strange Day, Wu and Beekeeper with Horse will perform on October 4 (next Wednesday), beginning at 8pm. Rarely in Kunming is a lineup of so many acts featured in one night, it should be worth checking out if you haven't left Kunming to forget life in Dali or Ruili.

Prior to the evening's musical festivities, there will be a lomo exhibit at the Halfway House, starting at 2pm. For those unfamiliar with lomography, it is a photographic style with enthusiasts around the world that use the Russia-based LOMO's consumer camera to take spontaneous photos that are typically distorted around the edges, with sharp focus in the center.

Halfway House's hidden entrance
Halfway House's hidden entrance
All in all, should make for an interesting Wednesday, unless of course, you can't find Halfway House. Like many places in Kunming, it lacks an actual street address. The easiest way to find it is to look for the little entrance (see photo) on the side of the building just south of the Wuhua District People's Hospital located at the superdangerous three-way intersection that has its traffic lights turned off. Halfway House's beer selection is pretty good, but if you like strong spirits you may want to bring your flask. If you get lost, you can call HH at 535 2702.



Lomography: From answers.com

Lomo Kunming (Chinese): LomoKM BBS

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