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Kunming markets reopening after hygiene upgrade

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After several months of renovation work, many of Kunming's "wet" markets are reopening their gates. Most of the markets selling vegetables, meat, fruit, tofu, pickled goods and other food products in downtown Kunming have been closed since August for hygiene-related improvements – a situation that was less than ideal for both customers and the people selling goods inside the markets.

"We had to sell vegetables out of our homes, mostly delivering to restaurants, for the last few months," said Mrs Xie, a vegetable seller at the Haoshun Lu farmer's market near Cuihu Park. "We spent much of the last few months doing nothing, it's good that the market is open again."

Prior to the improvements, most wet markets in Kunming were rather unsanitary and falling into disrepair. Now the markets have been given new cement flooring and tile-covered stalls for vendors to display their products. Meats and vegetables have been separated as well. Perhaps surprisingly, the meat stalls are using less-sanitary plywood to display raw meat.

In general, the hygiene and overall conditions in Kunming's wet markets have improved greatly via the recent renovations and reordering. Instead of staying at home or selling vegetables out of carts in alleys, vendors like Mrs Xie can now get back to earning a living, and market customers will be able to enjoy a much cleaner and more hygienic shopping experience.

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