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Kunming media: Justice is hot

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361clzg.cn彩龙中国) and local newspaper">http://www.clzg.cn/Dushi Shibao#http://www.clzg.cn/dssbpap/2007-12/07/index.htm# have teamed up to provide Kunming residents with an opportunity to assess the city's police force.

As clzg.cn reports:

"Throughout the four seasons they are identifiable by their dark blue uniforms, vigilant in the face of evil, making the common people feel safe. Hence, as time passes, they remain in the people's mind, their faces blurred behind a full-body uniform and beneath the brim of their caps. The police - gradually transforming into a symbol of justice."


Clzg.cn is hosting a BBS in which Kunming residents are being asked to nominate and vote for the "most handsome and most beautiful police" (最帅最美警察) in the city. Know any hot cops? Upload their photos on the BBS and see what other Kunming residents think.

Image: Clzg.cn's BBS

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Oh wow.....a beauty contest for police....Now if they actually did something instead of sitting in their cars smoking all day. If they actually didn't break the laws they are supposed to enforce or if they weren't some of the laziest, most ignorant, most corrupt and/or least trained police on the planet it would really be something to write about.

,,and since that day noone ever heard from Ahmet again.

ha..ha.. good one Danmairen. Remember everyone, you are a guest in this country. Try to play nice. :-).

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