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Snapshot: Artists capturing a crisis

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Part propaganda poster, part document of an interesting time and part traditional Chinese calligraphy and drawing, these images by artists capture scenes of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The artists — who are unfortunately not named in the original article — are all from Lancang Lahu Autonomous County of Pu'er City.

Artworks like these may serve as a commemoration of difficult times.

The drawings remind us of the work of Kunming's Urban Sketchers.

These scenes are all too familiar to us right now, but will hopefully become history soon.

Roadblocks to villages were in place all over Yunnan province.

Documenting the movements of people in order to track potential cross-infections.

Empty streets during the extended Spring Festival holidays, with many people choosing to self-quarantine at home for weeks on end.

This artist has grapically combined bats with splotches looking like the coronavirus and a little girl wearing a mask.

Hospital scenes — familiar from news reports — rendered in a subdued ink drawing.

The name of the Lahu ethnic minority means 'tiger eaters'.

These images were originally shared by Yunnan.cn, unfortunately without credit for the individual artists who are all from Lancang Lahu Autonomous County of Pu'er City

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