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Weekend fair to cater to Kunming Christmas shoppers

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For the fourth year running, local art space TCG Nordica will host its Community Christmas Fair this Friday and Saturday, offering locals and local lao wai a chance to browse through a large selection of food, art, jewelry, Chinese knick-knacks and Christmas-themed gifts.

Fair organizer Shelley Redmon from the US said she enjoys the diverse international element of the fair. "I love the atmosphere that the fair creates," Redmon said. "It feels like an event I would attend in my passport country but has an international and a Chinese flair to it as well, so it really makes Christmas in Kunming like Christmas in my hometown."

While the fair is one of the largest gatherings of laowai in Kunming each year, Redmon said that it's not just for foreigners.

"Everyone in the community is definitely invited to the fair. It is geared mostly toward foreigners to help put them in the Christmas spirit, but the fair is open to anyone who wants to come. In fact, every year we have more and more Chinese guests. It's a great way to introduce the Chinese to Western Christmas traditions."

Last year's fair featured goods from about 20 individuals and organizations. This year there will be more vendors and longer hours to accommodate demand.

In addition to shopping, there will be activities for children including face painting, ornament making, and a room showing Christmas movies while parents are shopping. There will also be a raffle of items donated by each of the vendors. TCG Nordica's café will offer a special Christmas menu and there will be live music all-day Saturday with an Advent concert at 7:30 pm on Saturday evening.

The Community Christmas Fair takes place on Friday, November 23 from 5pm-9pm and Saturday, November 24 from 10 am to 6 pm. For more information call TCG Nordica at 4114691.

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