Around Kunming: 2019 Spring Festival business schedules

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As the Year of the Dog yields to the Year of the Pig, many cafés, restaurants, bars, grocery stores and shops around Kunming will close or otherwise alter their hours. To help keep up, we've contacted local businesses and compiled their holiday schedules before, during and sometimes after the official Spring Festival schedule. Some have already taken time off!

Any businesses not listed below should feel free to post their schedules in the comment section at the bottom of the article. Those listed who may further alter hours can get in touch via the GoKunming contact form. Here at the website, we too will take a bit of a hiatus, publishing only sporadically during the holiday. The GoKunming team would like to wish all of our users a happy and healthy Year of the Pig!


À Table Bakery and Cafè closed February 3-10
Coffee Break closed February 4-5
Falling Blossoms Café closed Now-March 5
French Café closed February 2-13
Full Cup Café closed February 4-10
Lanyard Coffee Shop regular hours
Muyu Cafe and Guesthouse closed February 4-6
Salinger Café closed February 1-10
Salvador's Coffee House closed February 4, limited menu + adjusted hours (10:30am-10:30pm) February 5-10
Slice of Heaven regular hours


1910 La Gare du Sud regular hours
1920 Restaurant and Bar closed February 4-10
As You Like closed February 4-10
Brooklyn Pizzeria closed February 3-12
Cacaja Indian Restaurant regular hours
Cantina closed February 2-9
Chonburi Pub and Restaurant closed January 30 - February 14
Dehong Dai Restaurant closed February 3-11
The Family Restaurant regular hours (booking in advance suggested)
Flying Tigers Restaurant Now - March 20
Guyuan closed February 5-12
Hadiyyah Arabia Restaurant closed January 31 - Feb 12
Haigeng Wenxin Restaurant closed February 3-12
Heavenly Manna closed February 1-8
Hongdouyuan (all locations) closed February 3-10
Laodianmian 320 Dai Restaurant (Xuefu Lu location) closed February 3-12
Laofangzi regular hours
Lost Garden Guesthouse closed February 3-10
The Market regular hours
OSO Italian Restaurant closed February 4-8
Paulaner Brauhaus closed February 4-8
Porterhouse by Laris regular hours
Pure Soul Vegan Restaraunt closed February 6-10
Salvador's Loft closed February 3-20
Shiping Huiguan regular hours, booking recommended
Simao Yecaiguan closed February 3-11
Sushi Kitchen closed February 4-7
Tusheng Shiguan TBD
Wicker Basket (all locations) closed February 2-12
Xuanrun Aini Restuarant closed February 2-10
Yingjiang Dai Restaurant closed January 31 - TBD


Andy Hull Music Bar closed January 31 - February 11
Barfly closed January 28 - February 21
Chapter One regular hours
DT regular hours
Halfway House closed January 31 - February 9
Humdinger closed February 3-9
The Hump regular hours
Modernsky Lab closed February 4
OT Kun regular hours
O'Reilly's Irish Pub (Beichen and Green Lake locations) closed January 30 - February 6
O'Reilly's Irish Pub (Dongfeng Beer Garden) closed January 30
O'Reilly's Irish Pub (Dianchi location) regular hours
Space Plus Club regular hours
Space Club regular hours
Syndrome Night Club regular hours
The Turtle regular hours
Valhalla Craft Brewery closed January 30 - February 6
Vervo Club & Bar TBD
YUN Brewing Pub closed February 13-23

Museums and galleries

Contemporary Gallery Kunming adjusted hours (10:30am-6pm) February 4, (10:30am-9pm) February 5-10
Gallery Art Hub closed February 5-6
Kunming Museum regular hours
New Provincial Museum regular hours
Yuan Xiaocen Art Museum regular hours
Yunnan Art Museum adjusted hours (9am-5pm) February 5-10
Yunnan Nationalities Museum regular hours
Yunnan Provincial Library regular hours
Yunnan Railway Museum closed February 4-6

Markets and necessities

Carrefour (all locations) regular hours
Green Supermarket adjusted hours (9am-8pm) February 1-10
Laowai's Paradise Deli closed February 3-10
Metro Supermarket (all locations) adjusted hours (8am-10pm) February 4-5
Sapore Italia Food Company closed February 3-10
Wal-Mart (all locations) regular hours

Vegetable, fruit and meat markets around the city do not necessarily close, although some do. Stocks dwindle significantly during the run-up to Spring Festival, so shop early. Delivery companies such as Dianping and Meituan will also have limited services. We also contacted water delivery companies Shilin Tianwaitian (石林天外天), Yunnan Shanquan (云南山泉) and Zhenming (珍茗). All three will be closed February 4-7 and unable to deliver, so stock up! Happy New Year everyone!

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The Chinese New Year hours for Contemporary Gallery Kunming are as follows:

- Open throughout the holiday period.
- February 4 (CNY Eve): 10:30am to 6:00pm
- February 5-10: weekend hours, 10:30am to 9:00pm

Return to regular hours on the 11th.

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