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Harbour Plaza Kunming purchased by Park Hotel Group

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Singapore-based Park Hotel Group has purchased Harbour Plaza Kunming for an undisclosed price as part of its expansion plans into mainland China. Effective immediately, the hotel is operating under the new name Grand Park Hotel Kunming (昆明君乐酒店).

At a press conference yesterday announcing the hotel's purchase and new name, Grand Park Hotel Kunming General Manager Michael Lew said Park Hotel Group will invest 5 million yuan in upgrading guest accommodations, the hotel lobby, information management systems, restaurants and employee training.

The purchase of the former Harbour Plaza Kunming by the Singapore-based group is expected to increase competition for high-end travelers in the area around Cuihu Park, which is also home to the five-star Green Lake Hotel.

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Dear Editor,

Trust all is well with you.

Came across your online article dated 2 Nov 2007, titled "Harbour Plaza Kunming purchased by Park Hotel Group".

However, there are some reporting errors:

1. The hotel name is Grand Park Hotel Kunming, not Kunming Grand Park Hotel.

2. Mr Liao Mingsheng (Michael Lew), is the General Manager of the hotel, instead of manager as specified in the article.

Thank you.

Hi Shirleen,

Thank you for pointing that out, the errors have been corrected.



Hello, Mr. Liew, are you the former G.M. off Grand New World in Xian ?

Albert Goh

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