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Beijing electro-pop in Kunming tonight

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卡奇社), who will play their first show in Kunming tonight at">329Speakeasy Bar#/en/listings/item/spe_39/# as part of their first national tour.

Carrchy is made up of singer/songwriter Keli (颗粒) and producer Fly (于鸿飞), both natives of Qingdao, Shandong province who have been based in Beijing for the past several years. Since forming in 2005 they have released one full-length album, Riguang Qicheng (日光倾城), which came out earlier this year. The duo is promoting the album on their current 16-city tour, which will also include performances in Dali tomorrow night and Lijiang on Saturday night. GoKunming sat down with Keli and Fly to talk about music and life on the road.

GoKunming: What was the inspiration behind Riguang Qicheng?

Fly: We're primarily a pop band, so the majority of our influences come from outside of China... but we've absorbed quite a bit from underground music in China too.

GK: How would you assess the state of music in China today?

Keli: [yawns]

Fly: I feel that China's music scene has begun to mature.

GK: What recent developments in China's music scene do you consider most positive for its future development?

Fly: Not long ago, there were no Western bands or musicians coming to perform in China, now it's much more common. We're happy to see more Western bands coming to China.

GK: How are you finding your first tour in China?

Fly: Touring is fun, but it's difficult - especially moving all our equipment before and after shows, and all that time on the bus. Being based in Beijing, we're used to a larger music scene with more bands than most other cities in China. On this tour we've realized how different each city is.

We've been doing one city a day up until now, but we're going to slow it down a little and stay in Yunnan longer than the other places.

Carrchy plays Speakeasy Bar tonight at 9:30, admission is 30 yuan, 25 yuan for students

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