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Announcing the Springtime in Kunming photo contest!

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We are happy to announce that for the remainder of 2017, GoKunming will host a series of themed photography contests. The first of these is entitled Springtime in Kunming, and runs from April 15 through May 14. This contest is designed to be a showcase for photographic works that highlight the Spring City during the absolutely lovely vernal months.

The contest runs from April 15 until midnight May 14. For the duration, anyone with original photos taken anywhere in Kunming during the springtime, can upload a maximum of ten images across three categories — Cityscapes, Nature and People & Culture — for voter consideration. Images uploaded to the contest taken outside of Kunming will not be accepted.

At the close of the competition, the photo with the most overall votes will win our grand prize package. Meanwhile, the two other category winners will receive their own Yunnan-inspired prizes. The top ten images, as chosen by contest voters, will be featured in a GoKunming article.

How to participate

People interested in submitting photos to the contest can visit the official contest website here on GoKunming, and after a quick sign-up process — or by logging in to an existing GK account — upload between one and ten of their best photos taken in Kunming.

As soon as an image is transferred to the contest website it is also made available for voting. The number of votes each photograph garners will update automatically and be visible in the upper corner of each image. As the database of pictures grows, voters will have the ability to sort through the entries by category, time submitted and overall rating.

When uploading, entrants must choose from one of the three contest categories. Contestants can also add meta-data for their images, including their own names, a title and description of each image, as well as relevant tags. At the end of the process, users have the option and are highly encouraged to share their contest images on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Qzone, QQ, WeChat and Weibo. The more sharing a contestant does on social media, the greater the exposure and thus the greater the chance of winning.

The voting process is much the same, meaning a contest user must be logged in to their GK or Facebook account in order to choose their favorite images. People can vote for as many photos as they want, although only one time per picture. At the close of the contest, we will announce the overall grand prize winner based on the number of votes received. The category honorees will all receive awards packages as well, and their winning photos will be featured in a GoKunming article.


The person submitting the winning image to the Springtime in Kunming photo contest will receive a grand prize package including a weekend getaway for two at the luxury SilkTree Hotel in northern Kunming. It is located nearby several nightlife and dining options, as well as close to the Kunming Botanical Garden and Black Dragon Pool. This package also includes breakfast and dinner for both days at the hotel's restaurant. Additionally the grand prize also includes 'old tree' Pu'er tea from Gift From the Forest and a one-month unlimited membership to the Healing Light yoga studio here in Kunming.

The two runners up will also receive Pu'er gift sets and one-month yoga memberships. The top ten photos will be featured in a GoKunming article to be published after the contest concludes, as well as across GK's social media outlets.

We encourage anyone with fantastic pictures of the Spring City during its best season to join the contest now! Good luck.

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