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Golden Week event update

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A brief update on a couple of promotions this week...

Rugby World Cup Quarterfinals

311http://www.gokunming.com/en/microsites/chapter_one/about.phpis holding a BeerLao promotion to coincide with its showing ofhttp://www.rugbyworldcup.com/# quarterfinal games this weekend. During each game, BeerLao will be on special for 10 yuan/bottle until the first try scored. Games will be broadcast from evening to late night/early morning. Here's the quarterfinal schedule:

Australia vs England - Saturday 21:00 pm
New Zealand vs France - Sunday, 03:00 am
South Africa vs Fiji - Monday, 00:30 am
Scotland vs Argentina - Monday, 03:00 am
New Zealand vs France (replay) - Sunday, 18:30 pm

Golden Week Indian lunch special

Just a few doors down the street, Indian Kitchen is offering a set lunch special during the Golden Week holiday. From noon until 2 pm Raju will be offering a thali, a mixed plate of three curries, naan, salad, rice and a cup of Indian tea for 18 yuan.

Birthday party with sangria and stripper

Wenhua Xiang drinking hole The Box will be throwing a birthday party for Juan and Jacob on Saturday from 9pm to midnight. Things should get wacky around 10pm, when a 'laowai stripper' is scheduled to perform. Strippers aside, double rum cokes and gin tonics will be sold at single prices and glasses of sangria will be on special for eight yuan.

Anything Missing?

If there are any other events taking place during the holiday, please notify us via our contact form.

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