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Snapshot: Have a Heart fundraiser pulls in 81,000 yuan

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Several dozen musicians, food vendors, bartenders and about 300 people turned out to DT Bar on the afternoon and evening of November 19 for the Have a Heart fundraiser. The weather was perfect, the police reasonable and the purpose for all the hubbub couldn't have been better.

The event was held to raise money for Yunnan children identified with serious and possibly life-threatening heart ailments. A typical surgery for one child — which is generally too complicated to properly perform in Yunnan hospitals — costs between 60,000 and 100,000 yuan (US$9,000-15,000). Such costs routinely make surgery a financial impossibility for these kids and their families.

Luckily here in Yunnan, we have a giving community as well as a worthy charity. Not-for-profit China California Heart Watch (ChinaCal) was founded by Dr Robert Detrano, and for the past decade has helped more than 500 kids receive the treatments they so desperately need. During the fundraiser this past weekend, local businesses donated prizes and cash, musicians their time and talents, and Kunming's most talented amateur chefs their delectables.

A similar event last year netted 60,000 yuan (US$8,700) for ChinaCal. We are proud to announce that the 2016 version of Have a Heart, together with concurrent online crowdfunding efforts on WeChat and YouCaring, raised a total of 81,300 yuan (US$11,800). That total, combined with Dr Detrano's charity walk from Dali to Lijiang means over the past two months, more than 240,000 yuan has been donated to this worthy cause.

We would like to thank every business and person who donated their time, talents, money and efforts to make these events such a success! Great work Yunnan! Here's a look back at the evening of November 19.

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