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Join the first-ever GoKunming happy hour this Friday!

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Between today's soggy Mid-Autumn Festival and the upcoming National Day 'golden week', a feeling of celebration is in the air. GoKunming is organizing its first-ever happy hour promotion to wash down all those mooncakes and prepare for a week of hardcore sloth.

This Friday night from 7 to 10 join GoKunming for three hours of discounted imported beers at the Fisherman's Bar (渔夫酒吧) in Kunming Zoulang (昆明走廊) on Renmin Zhong Lu. Fisherman's Bar has what may be Kunming's best selection of hard to find imported beers and has agreed to put a selection of beers - and a few ciders for non-beer drinkers - on special at 19 yuan per bottle (most of the beers on the list usually sell for 25 to 30 yuan/bottle). Gin tonics and vodka tonics will also be half price at 15 yuan.

Here's a list of the beers on special for GoKunming readers this Friday:

Coopers Sparkling Ale

Kapuziner Weisbier


Birra Moretti


Idea Cider (lemon, peach or currant)

Honey Brown Ale
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Lite

Music during the GoKunming happy hour at Fisherman's Bar will be provided by DJ Kris. Take a break from Chinese lagers and come meet GoKunming staff and fellow readers, or just drink by yourself in the corner - we won't judge you!

Fisherman's Bar is located in the middle of the second floor of the Kunming Zoulang building, just west of New Southwest Shopping Mall at the intersection of Renmin Dong Lu and Qingnian Lu.

Fisherman's Bar
2/F, Kunming Zoulang
Tel: 3176109

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