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Kunming murals

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22photo gallery#/en/gallery/index.php# page recently. The gallery focuses on the colorful mural found on Hongshan Lu just a little bit north of the Xizhan Bus Station.

Painted by the Yunnan Art Institute, the mural has a very Chinese Communist utopian-future feel, but its vibrant colors and upbeat theme of the advancement of ethnic minorities through science, technology and even religion make that stretch of the sidewalk a pleasant diversion from the busy street.

Kunming is filled with a variety of murals, ranging from the small and simple to elaborate multi-themed pieces. An aimless stroll around the Cuihu (Green Lake) area or around Renmin Zhong Lu generally yields a good sampling of the striking art and propaganda scattered throughout the city.

We'll be adding more galleries in the future. To get to the gallery page, simply click on the link to the left or on either of the images on the right or left of most pages.

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