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Gentle giants arrive in Kunming

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Yesterday afternoon Yunnan Wild Animal Zoo received two giant pandas from the Panda Research Centre at Wolong, Sichuan province - the first time that giant pandas have been exhibited in Yunnan - according to a Yunnan Daily report.

The two panda brothers, Didi and Xinxing, arrived to a warm welcome at Kunming International Airport after being coaxed into steel cages and flown more than 1,000 kilometres from Chengdu.

Didi, the older of the two, was born in 1994 at Wolong, to Panpan and Jiajia (pictured). Panpan is renowned as a master breeder - 17 percent of the pandas at the research centre are related to him. Jiajia found fame further afield: she went to Hong Kong in 1997 with An'an, to be star attraction at the Special Administrative Region's Ocean Park, in a twist on China's long-standing practice of 'panda diplomacy'.

Didi's breeder, Song Haitao, says Didi is rather fond of sleep, each day getting at least 10 hours, if he isn't woken. A typical day at Wolong would involve little more than sleeping and eating, perhaps with breaks for sunbathing in the play area, or the luxury of a spell in a cool air blast in the aircon room.

We've seen the Yunnan Wild Animal Zoo on GoKunming before - panda fishing anyone?

For directions to the zoo, check out that last link.

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