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Pu'er tea leading rise in luxury good prices in China

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276pu'er teahttp://www.gokunming.com/en/guides/get_guide.php?guide_id=1&guide_page=7Hurun Report# http://www.hurun.net/indexen.aspx#'s first China luxury living index.

The increase in luxury good prices is more than triple the 2.7 percent rise in the consumer price index - a measure of prices of a basket of common consumer goods - over the same 12-month period. According to the Hurun Report's index, the price of 30-year old pu'er tea rose 33.3 percent - beating out a membership at Sheshan Golf Club in Shanghai (25 percent), a Rolls Royce Phantom EWB (9.55 percent) or a stay at a superior suite at the Peninsula Hong Kong.

Pu'er tea, which is only produced in Yunnan province, was once a tribute tea produced exclusively for the emperor. In recent years it has gone from relative obscurity to becoming a popular tea across East Asia to its current status as a luxury good and investment item, especially aged pu'er.

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