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Kunming to host 'beauty festival'

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The 10th installment of the Kunming Asia-Pacific International Beauty Festival (昆明亚太国际美容届) will be held in Kunming this Friday and through the weekend, bringing with it a circus of makeup, hair spray - and body paint. Main attractions at the festival include a beauty contest focusing on make-up design and costume as well as a beauty products trade fair.

In recent years the beauty contest has become increasingly flamboyant and bizarre, with contestants sporting bright plumage, revealing costumes and over-the-top makeup and body paint (see image).

In addition to the beauty contest will be a display of new cosmetic technologies and a wide range of beauty and health products and services including makeup, fragrances, lingerie and beauty training schools. The exhibition is expected to feature approximately one hundred companies and one thousand brands from China and beyond.

The festival will run from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon and will be held on the 5th Floor of the Shengdi Building at 147 Qingnian Lu. For more information, visit the festival's official site or call the organizers at 3182808.

Image: Sina.com

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