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Halfway House to launch music series

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Kunming bands Strange Day and Minjian Funk are scheduled to perform at Halfway House this Saturday night, the first night of a local music concert series. Organized by Wheatfield Bookstore and supported by Halfway House, the show is the first installation of the Halfway Music festival, a series of upcoming music events conceived by organizers Ma Li and Li Fan, owners of Wheatfield Bookstore and Halfway House, respectively.

Strange Day, which will debut in its new format after adding a violinist, features a post-rock and experimental style. Minjian Funk - reuniting while bass player Sandro is in Kunming - plays a mix of funk, ska and reggae.

The show begins at 9 pm on Saturday night. Admission is 10 yuan per person and there is a limited seating of 150 people, as Halfway House is not very big and the organizers wish to keep the setting relatively comfortable. Tickets go on sale at the door on the night of the show.

Halfway House
Intersection of Dongfeng Xi Lu and Kunshi Lu

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