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Transformers opens in Kunming, Optimus Prime still lonely

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Already raking in money at the box office in other countries, the Transformers movie opens today in Kunming. Known in Chinese as 变形金刚 (bianxing jingang), or "The Form-Changing King Kongs", the Transformers and their non-cartoon debut seem to be generating a buzz among young Chinese as well as foreign children of the 80s.

The Transformers story centers around the conflict between two crews of massive robots that can change into everyday items from the human world. Will the "good" Autobots defeat the "bad" Decepticons? If you're short the money for a ticket, you can go ask Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots.

When not filming movies or doing cartoon voiceovers, Mr Prime enjoys hanging out in the north of Kunming's Wuhua district, where a lot of cars that can't change into robots also hang out.

If you're looking to catch the movie here in Kunming, don't forget that you can save yourself some time by booking online.

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