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Yuansheng Studio to host nightly performances

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Beginning next Wednesday Yunnan Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance Studio (aka Yuansheng Studio) will launch weekly performances of Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside, a mix of traditional music and dances of the Yi, Bai and Wa people that has toured extensively throughout China and overseas.

The roughly 90-minute performance features native performers donning traditional costumes and playing traditional instruments. After opening night on Wednesday the 20th in the Yuansheng Studio theater, performances will be held every night except for Monday nights.

We asked troupe vice-director Shi Wanheng why he thought Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside was important. The 61-year-old native of Taoyuan Village in Shiping County, Honghe Prefecture said it was a matter of saving the art and traditions of Yunnan's minorities.

"Our group is protecting minority culture and transmitting it to a new generation," Shi said, "If we don't nurture understanding of these cultural traditions today, they will disappear."

Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside, which in 2005 was performed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, will perform Tuesdays through Wednesdays from 8pm to 9:30pm in the Yuansheng Studio theater until November. Yuansheng Studio is located in the Loft art compound, which is also known as Chuangku (创库). Click here for our review of Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside.

NOTE: GoKunming reader discount! Tickets for Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside - which normally cost 180 yuan - are being offered to GoKunming readers at a reduced price of 100 yuan. Just say you want the GoKunming discount and Yuansheng staff will hook you up with an 80-yuan discount.

Yuansheng Studio
101 Xiba Lu, inside Chuang Ku
Tel: 2400237, 13354608051

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