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Swim, golf and run at the Provincial Stadium

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The Yunnan Provincial Stadium (省体育馆) is home to much more than the Hongta Yunnan Football Club. Located at 99 Dongfeng Dong Lu, just across the street from the Camellia Hotel, the stadium compound offers a handful of public recreation facilities.

Tuodong Swimming Pool is among Kunming's best. The Olympic-sized (50-meter) pool is open to the public every day from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm. Swimmers receive a locker key with the 15-yuan entrance fee. For 200 yuan (plus a 20-yuan refundable deposit for your ID card), you can get a one-month pool pass; this must be purchased at the complex's main office right on Dongfeng Dong Lu. Tuodong has two pools—a 25-meter one used primarily for children's classes, and the larger one for public use. The eight-lane pool is always busy but rarely overcrowded. You may want to avoid weekend afternoons and evenings, when the lanes are somewhat crowded with kids floating around and playing games, making lap swimming an adventure.

On the stadium's north end, the side facing Dongfeng Lu, the complex's golf facility operates a driving range. One bucket of 50 balls costs 40 yuan; club rental is 10 yuan. The range opens only in the evening, from 6:00 p.m. until midnight. The tees take an elevated position several rows up in the stadium, which has the effect of making a weak drive seem to sail much further and higher than it actually does. The range also features small tables near the tee boxes so duffers can take a break and enjoy a cold beverage.

If you walk up the hill toward the stadium and follow the drive to the left, you'll arrive at a soccer field and outdoor track. Both are free and open to the public, although local leagues often reserve use of the field.

Yunnan Provincial Stadium
99 Dongfeng Dong Lu
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Yunnan Hongta Football Club no longer exists. The franchise was sold about 3 years ago. The pitch can be rented to play football (1000kuai for 2 hours).

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