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Pop Up art exhibition to be held in Kunming

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Pop Up Art Asia is celebrating Kunming's local artists and musicians at the IWE Gallery (艾维美术馆) this Friday at 7:30pm. In addition to displaying multiple artworks in a number of mediums, the venue will play host to several bands and DJs.

Pop Up Art Asia has hosted events in some of Asia's largest cities, including Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo. The group's purpose is to exhibit the wealth of creativity hidden away or overshadowed by pop culture.

By encouraging artists from all over the world to collaborate and put on shows like this one, Pop Up organizer Liam Shambrook hopes to inspire people to integrate more free public art into their environment and to consider the value of collective creative spaces in urban areas.

Works featured on Friday evening come from a group of artists loosely known as Kollective Kunming (requires proxy). Their individual artwork includes both traditional and modern painting styles incorporating both Western and Chinese influences.

Participating Artists

Liam Shambrook — Australia
Joshua Rizak (旭东) — Canada
A Ling (阿玲) — China
Chang Xiong (常雄) — China
Chen Xiaoyu (陈晓榆) — China
Jiang Muyu (奖木鱼) — China
Mu Yuming (木鱼明)— China
Yang Yang (杨旸) — China
Kristina Kinder — Germany
Eddy Kneefel — Netherlands

Musical performances will be staged by Frank and Frey, Lisa and her ukulele, Solid Plan, DJ Esdub and John Nevada Lundemo and friends. There will also be complimentary food and low cost adult beverages available. Hors d'oeuvres will be served, including bruschetta, cold cuts, pasta with mascarpone and bacon, sausages, mashed potatoes, and a variety of desserts. Food and drink are provided thanks to the sponsors Movida, Sapore Italia, Moondog and Kollective Kunming.

The exhibition will be held June 7 at IWE Gallery and begin at 7:30pm. Entry is free. Those wanting to use public transportation can board bus numbers 65, 104, 139, 168, 187 and Z2 and get off at the intersection of Jiaochang Zhong Lu and Jiaochang Bei Lu (教场路口). From the intersection walk roughly 400 meters east. The gallery will be on your left side.

Top image: Pop Up Art Asia
Bottom image: Kristina Kinder

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