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Kunming summer fashion: less is more

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The return of summer to Kunming has brought with it new colors and more revealing styles among the city's fashion-conscious young women. Women aged 20 to 30ish are sporting more natural and "earthy" tones, with shorter skirts and shorts than seen in previous summers. Many styles have carried over from last season, but there are some marked differences between this summer and the last.

We spoke with local clothing shop owners about new developments in women's fashion this summer in Kunming - here's what we found:

Tops: Short sleeve linens with ruffled sleeves and combinations of multiple layers - eg a plain or graphic t-shirt worn underneath a smaller tank top - are in this year. Other popular looks include button-down shirts and anything with stripes or polka dots.

Shorts: A new style this summer is exercise shorts worn with cute t-shirts. This is something that was not around last season and is truly a new development for Kunming. Cutoff shorts are popular again, but only if shorter than last year.

Skirts: Short skirts are definitely in this year and are significantly shorter than last year's style. This summer the rule of thumb for skirts seems to be the shorter the better.

Overalls: Overalls are back again this year - but whereas last year the legs went all the way down to the ankle or shin, this year they stop mid-thigh. Overall styles are also simpler than last year. Similar in appearance to overalls, shorts with suspenders are also popular.

Shoes: For shoes this year, the trend is to wear candy-colored (bright red, yellow, green, etc) or shiny metallic dress shoes matched with a skirt or jeans. For summer 2007 shoes must be single colored - no multi-colored dress shoes. That would be sooo last year. It's sandal season too, with more women opting for simple styles.

Stockings: Socks and stockings have become a very important aspect of young women's wardrobes this summer. The current trend is to wear a short skirt with a pair of dark Lycra stockings underneath the skirt and coming down to the mid-calf or ankles. This style was popular in Beijing a year ago, but has only this year taken hold in Kunming.

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