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Giveaway: Meishi End of World Party

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We lived through Y2K and the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider. Now the end of the world is once again upon us. What better place to spend the Mayan apocalypse than in a bomb shelter designed for a nuclear holocaust? This Friday, December 21, the Meishi (没事) End of the World Party will take place in the air raid shelter under Yuantong Mountain.

Music Festival

The event will start at noon in the underground complex next to Shelter Bar. The event aims to "celebrate the dawning of a new era with a flourishing of our hopes and dreams; a feast of art, music and culture."

A creative market with food stalls will be held in the tunnels that lead to the bomb shelter. The former bunker, which lies underneath the city zoo, will be transformed into a live music venue and can accommodate hundreds of people. In addition to the market, a cash bar will be available with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Schedule of events

Afternoon: Creative market with food stalls and folk, blues, rock and improvised music performances
Evening: Band performances
Late night: DJs until the early morning

Confirmed bands and DJs:
Sigangli (司岗里)
War Whores
Funk Assembly
Mayuan Poets (麻园诗人)
Wang Biyun (王碧云)
Hell Yeah
DJ Ranking
DJ Xiao Kris

The entrance to the party
The entrance to the party

Tickets and info

Advanced tickets for the Meishi End of the World Party cost 20 yuan and are now on sale at As You Like, Chapter One and Wheatfield Bookstore. Tickets purchased at the event will cost 30 yuan.

If you would like to participate to the market, contact Jiajia at 13888180214 to secure a table for 30 yuan. Electricity will be available.

For more information call 18288941014 (English), 13700684348 (Chinese) or email organizers at meishi1221[at]gmail[dot]com.


Meishi event organizers and GoKunming will give away three tickets each to the first five people who can properly answer the following question:

During the mid-1960s the Chinese government undertook a massive project to move industries vital to national security, such as steel and armament production, into the mountains of southwest China. What was this project called?

Answers must be submitted through the GoKunming contact form and include your name, phone number and the correct response. Good luck!

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