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Giveaway: Dianchi Cruise part II

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On the evening of October 28, MovidaKM will host its second boat party and cruise on Dianchi Lake.

The floating event will take place on the ship Dianyou 1 (滇游1), a three storey, 38-meter vessel which can accommodate 200 people. Festivities will begin at 5:00pm and go until the wee hours.

Transportation will be provided for ticketholders from the south gate of Yunnan Normal University to the dock, buses leaving promptly at 4:15pm.

Partygoers will be returned to the same gate by one of two buses. The first departs the dock at 11:00pm and the second returns to town at whatever time the party winds down.

Food will be provided by Phil and feature his world famous handmade sausages as well as Yunnan-style shaokao. The ship will have a fully-stocked cash bar, Anchor beer (力加生啤) on tap and assorted spirits and non-alcoholic drinks.

The boat will tour Dianchi Lake for an hour after sunset and then drop anchor. Entertainment will be provided by Sigangli, DJ Ranking and dancers Anastasia and Artemis (杨本丽).

The party features a masquerade theme to coincide with the upcoming Halloween holiday. Party-goers are encouraged to arrive in costume in order to properly participate in Halloween-themed games and contests. Prizes are provided by the COART Festival and Cacao Mexican Restaurant.

Tickets for the boat party cost 120 yuan and can be purchased at the Camel Bar. Only 150 tickets are available and can also be bought the day of the event at the dock but will cost 140 yuan. Advance tickets include round-trip transportation and entry to the boat, as well as one drink.

A VIP suite on the boat is also available for high rollers. Reserving this room costs 1,800 yuan and includes eight tickets to the party, one bottle each of Jameson whiskey and Bacardi rum, mixers and two beers per person.

Event organizers were kind enough to provide GoKunming four free tickets for the cruise. We will give away a pair of tickets to the first two people who properly answer the following question:

Dianchi Lake is named after the ancient Dian Kingdom. Where were the Dian kings buried?

Answers must be sumitted through the GoKunming contact form and include your name and phone number. Winners will be announced in the comments section below.

For more information, check online at Movida or contact them at info[at]movida[dot]asia. Event organizers can also be reached by phone:

Katherine (English and Chinese): 15808866523
Luca (Italian and English): 18687804751
Steve (English): 15911660970

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We have our winners! Congratulations to Sean and Rosly for properly identifying Shizhai Mountain as the burial place for Dian kings (and including their phone numbers).

Enjoy the boat party, everyone.

Additional ticket points: Moondog - Bridge

We are sorry to inform you that due to poor tickets selling we have to cancel tomorrow's event, Boat Party2.

The tickets sold will be fully refunded. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For GoKunming ticket winners, their prices are changed into Co Art gadgets (T-shirt & Bag).

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