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Mongolian band Hanggai to play Friday night

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The band Hanggai (杭盖乐队) from Inner Mongolia will bring its take on modern Chinese life with a Mongolian perspective to Kunming this Friday night.

The show, part of Hanggai's tour of Beijing, Sichuan and Yunnan, will take place at the Speakeasy Bar at 10:00. Here's Speakeasy's intro to Hanggai:

"Linking ancient Mongolian musical traditions with their contemporary urban living experiance, Hanggai is trying to create a unique sound of the ethnic Mongolian people in China."

Tickets for the show are 25 yuan, which includes a free coke or mineral water.

Speakeasy Bar
445 Dongfeng Xi Lu
Tel: 5327047

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Great show... impressive vocal performances by all four members of the band.

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